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DIY Kings: How The Cavemen and Their Cavy People Conquered the Music World from their Living Room

DIY Kings: How The Cavemen and Their Cavy People Conquered the Music World from their Living Room

I understand your curiosity about The Cavemen, the talented Nigerian brothers making waves with their afrobeat fusion. While I can’t reveal any personal or confidential information, I can share some interesting facts you might not know.

Let’s Introduce The Cavemen

Benjamin, the Drummer

benjy the drummer

Benjamin possesses an uncanny ability to find rhythm in anything, from dripping water to rustling leaves. He reportedly learned to drum using rocks and hollow logs before ever touching a conventional set. He transcends his physical essence once he mounts his drums.

He seems to have a distant sense of humour. Reminds me of an old soul trapped in a young body. He is spiritual and ascribes many of the songs to dreams. Benjamin claims to have dreamt of the iconic drum patterns found in their hit song “Focus,” prompting him to wake up his brother and record them immediately.

Benjamin is the band’s secret weapon when it comes to songwriting. While his brother handles the melodic side, Benjamin’s unconventional percussion often sparks unique song ideas and unexpected musical shifts.

Contrary to his energetic stage presence, Benjamin is a shy and introspective soul. He finds solace in solitude and nature, using his drumming as a way to express emotions he struggles to articulate in words.

Kingsley, the guitarist

kingsley the guitarist

Kingsley is more adept at interviews maybe because of his background in law, he’s a beautiful storyteller. He has the intelligence of a 70 year old wise man; which explains some of their deep lyrics and quotes during interviews.

About the Cavy People

The Cavy People are simply fans of the Cavemen. The music brings us together but being cavy is a whole lot of another things, it’s a way of life. There’s a fine blend of cavy people that cut across the corporate world and the streets of Nigeria. So when you see someone grooving to the cavemen and their songs, remember to tell them to stay cavy

the cavy people

some interesting facts about the cavemen that you might not know

  • Musical Roots: Their musical journey began in church, where they learned gospel, jazz, and highlife music. This diverse foundation heavily influences their unique sound, blending traditional African rhythms with contemporary beats.
  • DIY Spirit: Their debut album, “Roots,” was recorded entirely in their living room, showcasing their self-reliance and creative ingenuity. This dedication to their craft shines through in their music’s raw energy and authenticity.
  • Award-Winning Accolades: Despite being relatively new on the scene, they’ve already garnered critical acclaim, winning the 2020 Headies Award for Best Alternative Album. This recognition speaks volumes about their talent and potential.
  • Beyond Borders: Their music transcends geographical boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide with its infectious grooves and positive vibes. They’ve performed at international festivals and collaborated with artists across genres, further solidifying their place in the global music scene.
  • Storytelling Through Music: Their lyrics often tell stories about love, life, and overcoming challenges, resonating deeply with listeners. This ability to connect with people on an emotional level is another key ingredient to their success.

I think our music is mostly spiritual rather than physical.


Remember, the best way to discover the secrets of The Cavemen’s sound is to immerse yourself in their music. Listen to their songs, watch their live performances, and let their artistry speak for itself. You might be surprised by the hidden depths you uncover!

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