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Free Music download [IRRIS (아이리스) - STAY WITH ME]

Free Music download [IRRIS (아이리스) - STAY WITH ME]

Latest South Korean girl group, IRRIS, has just returned to the music scene with a brand-new super single titled “STAY WITH ME.”

About artist (IRRIS):

IRRIS is a South Korean girl group that Justice Records and Mellow Entertainment created and manage. There are four people in the group: I.L., Liv, Yunseul, and Nina. On July 6, 2022, the group released Wanna Know, the first of their extended plays.

Irris, the name of the group, has two meanings: “I tRuely Realized that I can be all colorS” and “I am the Reflection of Reality and IllusionS.” The Greek goddess of the Rainbow, Iris, served as inspiration for the group name and the group’s moniker.

About song (STAY WITH ME):

The new song was officially released on streaming platforms including YouTube on July 6, 2022. The music video to the track was later delivered on September 14, 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Finally, the brilliant song was produced in the studio by —

IRRIS (아이리스) – STAY WITH ME Lyrics Snippet:

areumdaun bam Yeah
dalbitto jiltuhae
nareul boneun cheonguk gateun neoye nunbit Every night
geu ane naneun jakku ppajyeodeureo ga

jogeum wiheomhae
I’m not like the other girls Yeah
jangnanseureon sarang ttawin piryo eopseo
Boy I want real love
mameul pyohyeonhaejweo bami saedorok

  • Song: STAY WITH ME
  • Artist: IRRIS
  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Duration: 3:18
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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