Jack Harlow – Parent Trap ft Justin Timberlake Mp3

Free Music download [Jack Harlow - Parent Trap ft Justin Timberlake]

Free Music download [Jack Harlow - Parent Trap ft Justin Timberlake]
Jack Harlow – Parent Trap ft Justin Timberlake Mp3

Brilliant American singer, rapper and song composer, Jack Harlow has just returned to the music scene with another super-hit single he titled “Parent Trap” featuring star singer, Justin Timberlake.

Jackman Thomas Harlow known simply as Jack Harlow is a popular American singer-songwriter, YouTuber and rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. He has a record deal with two different labels namely: Don Cannon and Generation Now record label which is owned by DJ Drama, and also an imprint of Atlantic Records. He has also co-founded a record collective called, Private Garden. Some of his popular songs includes: Nail Tech, First Class, Whats Popping, and so much more.

The new single is taken from Jack’s latest studio album project, Come Home The Kids Miss You which is set to be delivered in full on Friday. It is project of fifteen supercharged records which has seen two of it’s tracks like, “Nail Tech” and the chart-topping single “First Class” already released as a teaser to the full album.

Harlow officially announced the album in the second week of April on his social media handles including Twitter and Insta in post that reads: “Come Home The Kids Miss You Official artwork. Album available on May 6th. New single “First Class” this Friday 😮‍💨.”

Parent Trap is the 12th single from the album tracklist. This together with three other tracks are the only songs in the album with guest appearances from either Pharrell Williams, Drake, Justin Timberlake or the big time rapper, Lil Wayne. On this one, Jack teams up with Justin Timberlake to deliver a masterclass collaboration art.

The new song is set to be delivered on streaming platforms including YouTube on May 6, 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Jack Harlow – Parent Trap ft Justin Timberlake Quotable Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow]
Looking ’round, it’s hard to believe where I’m at, uh
Everywhere I look, somebody starin’ back, yeah
Paranoid, even out in paradise
Terrified to see my parents pass
Red carpet and some dress shoes
And a pair of slacks
I think I might be gettin’ sick of wearin’ that
I need some peace and the ‘burbs might be where it’s at
You know like where them Karens like to they run they errands at
I’m on a journey, man, Jerry Jack
Got my twin with me like The Parent Trap, there and back

Serenade ’em with the clarinet
I got the tea and I ain’t sharin’ that
Who the fairest of ’em all? Shawty’s been declarin’ Jack
Fellas hatin’, I don’t blame ’em, I mean how unfair is that?
The top is where they like to see you get embarrassed at
Especially when you charismatic and the coppas wear Hermès

[Pre-Chorus: Jack Harlow & Justin Timberake]
All these airplanes and these checked bags
All these rumors and these unchecked facts
Old friends I forget to text back
Maybe this’ll show where my heads at, my bad (You know)

[Chorus: Justin Timberlake]
Every sky can’t be blue
It’s hard to see when you’re walkin’ in the grey
So many flights, look at how the time flew
So many things that I never got to—
Good days, bad days, red lights, fast lanes
Would you never change? Would you be the same?
Just tell me one thing that’s true when I ain’t up
You hold me down


  • Song: Parent Trap
  • Artist: Jack Harlow, Justin Timberlake
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Duration: 3:10
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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