Addison Grace – I Wanna Be a Boy

Free Music download [Addison Grace – I Wanna Be a Boy]

Free Music download [Addison Grace – I Wanna Be a Boy]
Addison Grace – I Wanna Be a Boy

Salt Lake City-based musician, TikTok star and singer, Addison Grace has put out a very amazing song to the world which she titled “I Wanna Be a Boy”.

Writing the fan favourite track led the young singer to discover their pronouns – he/they – and “come home to themselves in a way that provided freedom, comfort and real love,” a press release states of the powerful lyrics.

Grace wasn’t really expecting to publish the song outside of social media, but did after it was so well-received by fans and friends.

Addison Grace – I Wanna Be a Boy Quotable Lyrics:

[verse 1]
i wanna be a boy
or at least that’s what i think this feeling is
take my pen to my paper
correct mistakes that god somehow did

i wanna be friend bugs
climb tall trees, scr+pe my knees
and show i am tough
only cry in the night+time, my bed is the thing i can trust

’cause i’ve grown sick of staring hours in the mirror
molding cheekbones hope a new face could appear
i’ll break and bend my spine
if it’d make you say you’re mine, it’s so unfair
i guess i wanna be a boy

  • Song: I Wanna Be a Boy
  • Artist: Addison Grace
  • Genre: R&B
  • Duration: 3:19
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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