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BoA ボア – The Greatest MV Mp3

Free Music download [BoA ボア - The Greatest]

Free Music download [BoA ボア - The Greatest]
BoA ボア – The Greatest MV Mp3

Brilliant South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, BoA ボア has just returned to the music scene with a brand new super-amazing single titled “The Greatest.”

About artist (BoA):

BoA (ボア) – real name – Kwon Bo-ah is a singer, composer, dancer, record producer, and actor from South Korea. She is considered the “Queen of K-pop” due to her influence industry and by being one of most successful and prominent entertainers in K-Pop. She was born and reared in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, and was discovered by SM Entertainment talent agents in 1998 when she went to a talent hunt with her older brother, a music video director[6]. She was trained as an artist for two years before she made her debut in August 2000. BoA now has 20 studio albums under this record company, ten of which are in Korean, nine in Japanese, and only one in English.

About song (The Greatest):

The latest arrival is a very impressive one written in both English and Korean, but more of Korean. It is now generating lots of traffic just moment after it’s release. It is highly recommended for a K-pop lover and The Greatest has come to stay; at least for the moment.

Finally, the new song was officially released alongside its accompanying music video on all streaming platforms including YouTube on May 23, 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

BoA ボア – The Greatest Lyrics Snippet:

What you feel, what you see, 耀いてる あなたの愛 触れたとき
Lady Love 目覚め 私は今 生まれ変わる Woah…

[Verse 1]
寂しくなんかないって 強がって意地を張って
誰も見ていない場所で So 涙流していたけど

[Verse 2]
溢れ出すこの想いを あなたに伝えたとき
柔らかな風吹き抜けて この感情を揺さぶった

胸の奧 浸透してゆく
Inspired my love

What you feel, what you see, 衝撃的 あなたの愛 包まれて
Lady Love 目覚め 私は今 生まれ変わる Woah…
ときをとめて won’t you feel everything こんな風にいつまでも
あなたと過ごせるように輝いていたい Woah…
Fallin’ with you baby…


  • Song: The Greatest
  • Artist: BoA
  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Duration: 3:33
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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