Cypis – Putin | Mp3

Free Music download [Cypis – Putin]

Free Music download [Cypis – Putin]
Cypis – Putin | Mp3

Talented polish rapper and singer, Cypis has just released a controversial song basically about President Putin of Russia titled “Putin”.

Cypis is an multi-talented Polish musician who is making efforts to be recognized and count in the music industry as a hip hop music artist. He is known for creating jamming dancing tracks which can be used as party songs. He is recently growing in followership in all his social media platform after this his latest release, Putin.

On the new song, the upcoming artist raps about the current situation in the cities of Ukraine due to crises with Russia. But specifically blames and labels Putin as bad. Fans in the comments section of the new song appreciate the musician’s commitment.

Just after about ten hours from its release on YouTube video platform, the video had over 400 thousand views. It was also placed on the timing tab. The text does not lack curses and strong words addressed directly to Putin.

This song has broken lots of records as it keeps trending after weeks of release. Go get your hands on it with the link below. Also subscribe to our update.

Cypis – Putin Quotable Lyrics

Island studio, Cypisolo
Jebać Putina, wojna się zaczyna

[Zwrotka 1]
Jebać Putina, rosyjskie ścierwo
Jebać do bólu, niech liże berło
Jebać za wojnę na Ukrainie
(Tfu) Ty skurwysynie
Z kurwami jazda, zero litości
Jebać do grobu za te podłości
Ukraina krwawi, kutas się bawi w jebaną wojnę i to nie film
Kurwo giń za swoje czyny
Nastanie dzień, że się policzymy za bomby, łzy i wylaną krew
Odpowiesz za cały ten chlew


  • Song: Putin
  • Artist: Cypis
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Duration: 2:22
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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