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Kevin Selleck Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Kevin Selleck Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Kevin S. Shepard, born in 1966, is a well-known American actor and musician who is more commonly recognized as Kevin Selleck. His life took a significant turn when his parents divorced during his childhood, but he managed to overcome the challenges. After his mother married actor and producer Tom Selleck, Kevin found strength and support in his new family.

Early Life and Education:

Kevin Selleck was born in Angeles, California, in 1966 to Jacqueline Ray, a former model. While the identity of his biological father remains undisclosed, he is of mixed race and holds American citizenship. When Tom Selleck married Kevin’s mother, he decided to adopt Kevin as his own child, providing him with love and guidance. Kevin has a stepsister named Hannah Margaret Selleck. He completed his high school education in Los Angeles before embarking on his journey in the entertainment industry.


Kevin Selleck’s career took off when he joined the American rock group Tonic in 1993 as a drummer. The band released their debut album, “Lemon Parade,” in 1996, which included the popular single “If You Could Only See.” Despite the band’s initial success, they eventually disbanded for reasons that were not entirely clear.

After parting ways with the band, Kevin continued to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. In 1987, he made his acting debut in the television program “Magnum, P.I.” Through this show, he gained recognition and established himself as an actor.

Net Worth:

Kevin Selleck has achieved success in both music and acting, accumulating an estimated net worth of around $18 million. His earnings primarily come from his music releases and acting projects.

Personal Life:

Kevin Selleck is married to Annabelle, and the couple has six children together. Unfortunately, specific details about his children and other family members remain undisclosed. Despite his fame, Kevin prefers to keep his personal life private and avoids sharing personal information on social media.


Kevin Selleck, also known as Kevin S. Shepard, has made a name for himself as a talented American actor and musician. From his early days in the rock band Tonic to his acting debut in “Magnum, P.I.,” Kevin has showcased his diverse talents. With a net worth of approximately $18 million, he has built a successful career in the entertainment industry. While he maintains privacy in his personal life, his achievements and contributions to the entertainment world continue to inspire others.

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