Lil Durk – Lion Eyes [Lyrics]

Lil Durk – Lion Eyes, music full Lyrics

Lil Durk – Lion Eyes, music full Lyrics
Lil Durk – Lion Eyes [Lyrics]

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Jerry Production!

You Off Them Drugs, You Think You Macho
You Gone Slide Tonight
I Know You Will
You Ain’t Gone Kill If Someone Die Tonight
Off These Drugs With All My N*ggas
That’s The Vibe Tonight
If You Gone Claim What Bro’nem Claim
You Gotta Provide Them Right
Right Now, If He Caught A Case
Would You Have Him Right?
I Done Got So Big
I Can’t Enjoy My Private Life
They Say I’m Crazy
But I Ain’t Never Show Up At A Candlelight
But I’m Like JJ With This Gun
This Sh*t Like A Dynamite
Got My First Pound, I Felt Like Pablo
I Had One Gun With Two Shells In It, I Was Macho
Did Rolling Loud Inside A Orange Bubble Milano
First Rapper From Chicago Drinkin’ Lean In Roscoe’s
If I Fly You Out To Atlanta
Shake That @ss And Toss It Up
I Got My Grill Cleaned A Couple Days Ago
They Say I Floss Too Much
I Know How It Feel To Lose It All
Bеcause I Lost Too Much
Got In That Room And Told It All
I Knew ‘Cuz You Talk Too Much
‘Causе Everything That Shine
Like Diamonds Ain’t No Diamonds
A Lot Of People Claim They Real, They Don’t Be Lyin’
I Be Taking The Smallest Drugs, I’m Feeling Giant
The Way I’m Mixing Pop And Lean, I’m Passing Science
The One That Claim I Can’t Be Quiet, She Triflin’
Keep My Mind Clear ‘Cuz I Just Say It, Don’t Write It
I Got The Eye Of A Lion And The Heart Of A Tiger
Dropped Made It Out, I Had The Trenches All On Fire
We Really Bang Bros, How The F*ck We Did Mariah
Ain’t Do Too Much When Fredo Died
We Torched Them Lighters
I Missed The One’s That’s Now Deceased
That I Knew Since The Diapers
I Know Some N*ggas Play With Guns
But Known For The Fightin’
You Try To Flame Up Weed On Jets
You Gotta Watch The Pilots
Waking Up To Different Sirens
I Really Got The Heart Of Tigers

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