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Lil Tjay – Murder Scene Lyrics Ft Polo G

Lil Tjay – Murder Scene Ft Polo G Full Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Murder Scene Ft Polo G Full Lyrics
Lil Tjay – Murder Scene Lyrics Ft Polo G

Lil Tjay – Murder Scene Lyrics Ft Polo G below:

[Verse: Lil Tjay]
… young kids
I was young, really with the flow
I heard lil’ brother [?] day
But I’m in charge and I’m here to stay
I know I’m fucked up, I don’t even play
But that ain’t nothin’ you could ever say
Feel like a boss shootin’ and then swerve
We be movie shootin’ everyday
Been on that [?] never seen him play
I’m in a Bentley truck…


[?] scream
My forty bustin’ out the jean
Soon as I walk in, it’s a movie scene
Gucci on everything, you see the drip
No, I ain’t rockin’ no Surpreme
Surely gon’ go like once they see it gleam
You don’t want me to fuck up everything
[?] better

Niggas won’t cook up, I swear this shit a scheme
And my new forty kiltec got a beam
I don’t want hear no “Tjay what you mean?”
I don’t want hear no “Tjay brody chill”
Y’all better try that with another team
She want everything, she on my [?]
I don’t care, I be fuckin’ that bitch in my dreams
She want the dick, I put it all on her lips
[?] like a wipe, I wanna spit
She said the sooner [?], you stupid fuckin’ dirty bitch
You stupid fuckin’ dirty bitch
They claim that we murder shit, but never heard this shit
[?] bitch

I done seen some scary shit with this curvy bitch
[?] I told
If I catch me an opp, I’ma drill me an opp, no hands
If I catch me an opp, I’ma drill me an opp

[Verse: Polo G]
And the opps love talkin’ that nonsense
Niggas police, so I’m not responding
I pull up, I don’t tweak at the comments
Bitch, I stay with my Glock, how we bonding
And I’m really knee deep in that field
Only money and murder been stuck on my conscious
Man, that ain’t even you boy, you fine
This shit real, never been with the flodging
Fifty shots had me dippin’ and dodgin’
We must fire them drills like a sergeant
We don’t do no attempts, that’s too risk
I was off in the shops when I started
And I ain’t with the snitchin’
I can’t say shit to beef ’cause I’m takin’ them cases
Fuck the industry, them niggas garbage
I [?] I’m not an artist
Meant to be Polo, but feel the hardest
Had to turn up my swag, now them bitches in love
This money make me a lil’ charmin’
Now I stay in Ralph Lauren like [?]
Flex on a nigga again and again for all of them nights I was starvin’
All I know is hustle and run up that bag
‘Cause I grew up at Marshall Field Gardens, bitch

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