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Maude Latour – Headphones | Mp3

Free Music download [Maude Latour – Headphones ]

Free Music download [Maude Latour – Headphones ]
Maude Latour – Headphones | Mp3

Columbian student, singer and songwriter, Maude Latour has just returned to the music scene with another exclusive track she titled “Headphones”.

Maude Latour is a young (about 21 years old) brilliant music artist, songwriter and a student of Philosophy in the university of Columbia. She is a very fast growing indie pop artist, with approximately 50,000 followers she is gradually becoming an Instagram Star. She is well known for her singles, Superfruit, One More Weekend, Walk Backwards and many more.

According to the amazing singer, the new song is all about how progressively she is learning to love her post-break-up self. She knew brighter days were ahead of her painful breakup with her lover “even if every moment wasn’t sunshine-filled,” as the singer addresses in the video for her new single “Headphones.

Maude Latour – Headphones Quotable Lyrics

What’s that voice? I hear it clearly now
Someone’s talking to me, I recognize it completely
Who’s that girl? I’m so inspired by her
And it’s only eleven in the mornin’, I’m sleepin’ in

So I read the letter that I wrote to myself in my sleep and I know I’m okay
I know there’s a brighter day, but it’s not today

These dreams I have are so insane, I try to tell you but I can’t
You wouldn’t even get it even if I said it
I let the music lead the way, so I can show you who I am
I put my headphones on and I play my song

I’m lyin’ on the steps to the library
And I’m not thinkin’ of you even though you just left me
And now I’m cryin’ outta nowhere, but I’m laughing through it
(‘Cause I wanna hear a God every time she tries to talk to me
There’s silence after sentences and there’s space between the tree branches)


  • Song: Headphones
  • Artist: Maude Latour
  • Genre: Indie pop
  • Duration: 3:00
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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