mxmtoon – mona lisa | Mp3

Free Music download [mxmtoon – Mona Lisa]

Free Music download [mxmtoon – Mona Lisa]
mxmtoon – mona lisa | Mp3

American singer-songwriter and YouTuber, mxmtoon has just made a brand new exclusively melodious release titled “mona lisa” and is available here for fast download.

Maia, popularly known as mxmtoon, is an American singer-songwriter who is well known for singing and playing the ukulele, she is from Oakland, California. In 2018 she released a music EP, Plum Blossom, recorded on her laptop in her parents’ guest bedroom, that now has over 100 million streams.

On the new song “mona lisa”, Maia say “as someone who usually writes songs about other people, one of my ongoing questions is “will anyone ever write songs about me?” mona lisa is all about desiring to be the subject of the music art even for once instead of always making the art herself.

It’s very normal to daydream sometimes in our lives of diving into our favorite stories and seeing ourselves in the pages. Everyone deserves that opportunity to feel we’re worthy of a spotlight at least once in a while, and mona lisa perfectly portrays that sentiment exactly.”

mxmtoon – Mona Lisa Quotable Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’ve always played the part of Shakespeare
I hide behind the ink and pen
I build up worlds and choose a savior (Savior, savior)
I write beginning, middle, end

I’m so tired of being a book on the shelf (Book on the shelf)
Tired of stories for somebody else (Somebody else)
Think that I’m ready to start a new chapter
I’ve been looking for some way to turn it around (Turn it around)
Looking for someone to give me the crown (Give me the crown)
And I wanna feel like I finally matter

  • Song: Mona Lisa
  • Artist: mxmtoon
  • Genre: Dreamy Pop
  • Duration: 3:10
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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