NCT DREAM – Never Goodbye (북극성) | Mp3

Free Music download [NCT DREAM - Never Goodbye (북극성)]

Free Music download [NCT DREAM - Never Goodbye (북극성)]
NCT DREAM – Never Goodbye (북극성) | Mp3

South Korean boy band NCT sub-unit three has just returned to the music scene with another amazing single they captioned “Never Goodbye (북극성)”

NCT Dream is the third subunit of the Korean boy band NCT, formed by SM Entertainment in 2016. Originally intended as a teenage unit for NCT, the brand name was changed in 2020 as all members grew older in South Korea, moving away from the youthful image. The group has been so amazing leading to attracting multiple fans and well wishers from around the world. Some of their popular songs include: Hello Future, Hot Sauce, Boom, and lots lots more.

The new song is taken off their latest and second official studio album, Glitch Mode 2022 which is a body of working housing a total of 11 super impressive hits. The brilliant single, Never Goodbye (북극성) from the album serves as the 10th track in the playlist of eleven soundtracks.

The new song was officially released on streaming platforms including YouTube on the on Tuesday 29th of March 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

NCT DREAM – Never Goodbye (북극성) Quotable Lyrics [Romanized]

Byeonhaeganeun gyejeoldeureul maga jul georan
Geureon mallo neoreul butjabeul sun eopjiman
Maneun gyejeoreul majuchil neoege
I maeum hanal bichwojuryeo hae

Tteonaneun georeumi mami heuryeojiji anke
So please don’t cry yaksokal teni

Yunanhi jitgo gin bam gyeondideon eoneu nal
Nunmureul chamji mothae mundeuk gogaereul deulmyeon
Banjjagineun byeoreul ttara
Dasi doraol gireul chajeul geoya
It’s never goodbye

Nega jigeum gaya haneun giri
Nawa eotgallil sudo isseo
Hangsang gateun banghyangeul georeul su eopdan geol
I know, I know, I know (I know)
Hamkke ganeun bangbeobeul chajeul su eopdamyeon
Neoreul meolliseo neul bichwojul geoya (Uh)

Nan geudaeroya yeojeonhae like a photo
Siganeun geunde geureochi anteorago (geureochi anteorago)
Igeo deutgo gieokdeureul ganjireopyeo
I see you nuneul gamado
You know, that’s not normal for you, I’m not normal


  • Song: Never Goodbye (북극성)
  • Artist: NCT DREAM
  • Genre: K-pop
  • Duration: 3:32
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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