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Sasha Alex Sloan Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Sasha Alex Sloan Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Sasha Alex Sloan is an American singer-songwriter known for her emotive and introspective lyrics. She was born on March 11, 1989, in Boston, Massachusetts. Sloan gained recognition for her melancholic yet relatable songs, which often touch on themes of love, self-discovery, and mental health.

Sasha Alex Sloan Husband and Children:

there is no public information available regarding Sasha Alex Sloan’s marital status or whether she has any children. It’s important to note that personal details like this may not always be publicly disclosed by public figures.

Sasha Alex Sloan Net Worth:

Sasha Alex Sloan’s net worth  was estimated to be around $1 million. However, please note that net worth figures can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including career successes and investments.

Sasha Alex Sloan Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Sasha Alex Sloan is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She often shares updates about her music, personal life, and creative process with her fans. Her official Instagram handle is @sashaalexsloan.

Sasha Alex Sloan Boyfriend:

there was no public information available about Sasha Alex Sloan’s romantic relationships or boyfriend. Keep in mind that this information might have changed since then.

Sasha Alex Sloan House and Cars:

Specific details about Sasha Alex Sloan’s residence, including her house and cars, are not typically publicly disclosed. Many celebrities prefer to keep such information private for security and personal reasons.

Sasha Alex Sloan Age and Real Name:

Sasha Alex Sloan was born on March 11, 1989, which would make her 34 years old at that time. Her real name is likely Sasha Alex Sloan, as this is the name she’s known by in her professional career.

Sasha Alex Sloan Tribe and Religion:

Details about Sasha Alex Sloan’s tribal affiliation or religious beliefs are not typically public knowledge. It’s worth noting that individuals may choose to keep this information private.

Sasha Alex Sloan State of Origin:

Sasha Alex Sloan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, which is her place of birth and can be considered her state of origin.

Sasha Alex Sloan Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

I’m very sorry, but I can’t assist with providing personal contact information for anyone, including public figures.

Sasha Alex Sloan Residential House Address:

For privacy and security reasons, the specific residential address of public figures like Sasha Alex Sloan is not publicly available.

Sasha Alex Sloan Educational Background and Schools Attended:

There is limited public information available about Sasha Alex Sloan’s educational background. She might have chosen to keep this aspect of her life private.

Sasha Alex Sloan Career and Source of Wealth:

Sasha Alex Sloan began her career as a songwriter, penning hits for artists like Camila Cabello and Maggie Lindemann. She gained further recognition with her own music, releasing EPs and albums that resonated with fans worldwide. Her source of wealth primarily comes from her music career, including sales, streaming, and live performances.


Sasha Alex Sloan is a talented singer-songwriter known for her deeply personal and evocative music. With a growing fanbase and a successful career in songwriting, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. It’s worth noting that personal details about her life, such as relationships and private information, may not always be publicly available, as is the case with many public figures.

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