Shatta Wale – Too Stubborn Lyrics (Intro) ft. Medikal

Shatta Wale – Too Stubborn (Intro) ft. Medikal Full Lyrics

Shatta Wale – Too Stubborn (Intro) ft. Medikal Full Lyrics
Shatta Wale – Too Stubborn Lyrics (Intro) ft. Medikal

Shatta Wale – Too Stubborn Lyrics (Intro) ft. Medikal below:

Let’s be honest
How many niggas are way beyond us?
I don’t need no introduction
Let me do the honors
I’m on the web like a spider
I’ve been through all the corners
All of a sudden day students wanna be boarders


Stamps in my passport guess I’m crossing boarders
I go stamp your chest top if you talk about us
Snakes in the industry
Same niggas wey doubt us keep on calling
They can never sell out shows without us

Yeah mama I made it
I have a chef now obi a na me nni de3 m’adi
Trotro bi a me fro y3 paaa 3y3 w’anka wo b3 si
Nanso man popo me ti na me nim s3 bibi b3 si
Right now I’m not rich I’m wealthy
Walk with a limp cos my pocket bulky
3y3 den s3 wo b3 trusti niggas w) ahoma trufo ne so
So I might get a walkie talkie
Pack your feelings

I have a flight to catch
Seen stars come and go like an astronauts
When niggas move shady I know the aftermath
Anybody wey try me check on am
It ain’t safe bro
We in the same building but we not the same bro
Same shows but they don’t pay me the same dough
27 and I’m balling like I’m zero
Park yourself San Siro

F*** out of my business
The lord is my witness
Stop calling me bro me den you we no be siblings
Promoters repeating me telling the kids to listen
Fast like a Cheetah but I’m loyal like a Christian God
Make I see whatsapp
You dey fear heights how you go fe dey the top
My money bigger than my problems eno be mouth
Wo b3 pa me ho?
Unless maybe I dey bath

Your Chairman is too busy keeping up with me
I’m living my dreams I be talking in my sleep
Money in my jeans cos the hustle on repeat
If she doesn’t believe in God why the f* she on her knees F* with the other side stay at the other side
Everyday is Medikal verses the other guys
Only ECG fe show me where the power lies
M’abodam akosombo you know the vibes

No be rush berma time will tell
I put the devil on a plane I get some fly as hell
When you see the mask on you for call for help
No introduction
je m’appelle
Swag King Kong
El Chairmano b) me din ma me
3din no mo nim mo mb)
Mewere fi me din s3 mo p3 a mo nt)
Too stubborn
Y’asoma me saaa nso me nk)
W’abo wo dam
Chairman bia chairman

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