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Spice – Different Category | Mp3

Free Music download [Spice – Different Category]

Free Music download [Spice – Different Category]
Spice – Different Category | Mp3

Jamaican dancehall recording artist, singer and songwriter, Spice has just released a brand new wonderful sound in her usual style titled “ Different Category”.

Grace Latoya Hamilton, popularly known by her stage name as Spice, is a top-class Jamaican dancehall artist, singer and producer, she generally reffered to as the “Queen of Dancehall”, Spice is recognised as one of the most prominent dancehall artists not just in Jamaica but the world at large. She has been a very unique and consistent female musician, and that has payed her so well too.

The latest hit serves as a follow up to her previous sound, Love Triangle (pum pum) which was a successful one.

The new song was officially released alongside its accompanying music video on all streaming platforms including YouTube on Friday 1st of March 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Spice – Different Category Quotable Lyrics

We shop the same clothes from the same place
We got the same pretty face, same small waist
Maybe the same man, we got the same taste
The same long hair, we got the same lace
Same body weh cock up, we got the same shape
Same food, fridge stock up, we eat the same grape
We got the same house, the same landscape
Everything is the same but get it straight
We got the same thing we ano the same thing
Gyal me deh a first class yuh deh a the plane fin
Continue hating we ano the same thing
We got the same but we ano the same

Gyal a gwaan a carry-on
But me deh pon another level me nuh see dem at all
Not at all me nuh see dem at all
Cah me deh pon another level me nuh see dem at all
Dem nah connect like when we reject a call
Cah me deh pon another level me nuh see dem at all
None at all we nuh see dem at all
Cah me deh pon another level me nuh see dem at all

Me nuh ordinary, me inna different category
Gyal a fi watch me like a mea dem inquiry
Battery dolly-ly-ly wull a dem just set fi me
Dem a secondary cyah chat to me, dem temporary…


  • Song: Different Category
  • Artist: Spice 
  • Genre: Jamaican Dancehall
  • Duration: 2:45
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.

DOWNLOAD MP3 (copyright protected)

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