Stray Kids – Lonely St (saint) | Mp3

Free Music download [Stray Kids - Lonely St (saint)]

Free Music download [Stray Kids - Lonely St (saint)]
Stray Kids – Lonely St (saint) | Mp3

Very popular South Korean boy band, Stray Kids has just surfaced with their exclusive highly anticipated track they titled “Lonely St (saint)”

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band that was formed by a body of entertainmaint, JYP Entertainment back in 2017. It was birthed from a reality TV show of the same name. The group is made up of a total number of eight members namely: Bang Chan, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Lee Know, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. They have been very amazing which is the reason behind their tremendous popularity among South Koreans and all over the world.

The new song is taken off their latest studio project, ODDINARY, a playlist with 7 super-charged tracks which is an idea that all of us who are ordinary also have odd sides. In other words, odd things will soon become (the new) ordinary. It is more like a play of two words Odd and Ordinary. According to a popular opinion, the song displays ambitious desire of the Kids to live above the ordinary boundaries of life.

On it’s position in the body of work, the song serves as the 5th track on the album. It is a very brilliant masterpiece and for me the best among the songs in the album.

The new song was officially released on the 18th of March but it’s music video arrived on YouTube on the 26th of March 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Stray Kids – Lonely St (saint) Quotable Lyrics (Romanized)

Gireul georeogada Falling down
I’m falling down
The street is desolated
Nan tto Blackout teumman namyeon spaced out
The street is isolated

Still astray
Just stuff it all ’cause I’mma go on my way

Jamkkan nuneul gamaseo boneun bam
Eochapi amugeotdo an boinda
Mwol gidaehan geolkka
Nuneul tteodo ttokgata

Bit hana deulji anneun yeogin oettangil
Garodeungeun oraejeone gojang natji
Da heoreobeorin sinbal mitchangi namgin
Baljachwineun eolma an ga jiwojyeo

Jichyeo sseureojil geot gateunde
Deoneun mot gal geot gateunde
Naegeseo maneun geol ppaeasa gatjiman Ey
Yeogin naega geonneun majimak Way
Ije wa nal wirohaji ma
I’m still on my way


  • Song: Lonely St (saint)
  • Artist: Stray Kids
  • Genre: Korean Hip Hop
  • Duration: 3:05
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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