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Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 Remix | Mp3

Free Music download [Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 Remix]

Free Music download [Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 Remix]
Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 Remix | Mp3

Spanish singer, songwriter, DJ and model Bad Gyal has teamed up with another important artist, Beny Jr to deliver a wonderful cool tune titled “Flow 2000 Remix”.

Bad Gyal – real name – Alba Farelo Solé, is a Spanish music artist, songwriter, disc jokey and model. She is well outstanding in the use of Auto-Tune in making her music. Solé made her music debut back in 2016 with her interpretation of Rihanna’s “Work” in the Catalan language which lead to her gaining of massive followers and fans all over the world. She has been brilliant and some of her songs include; Fiebre, Blin Blin, Flow 2000 and lots more.

The latest release is a remix to her previous song Flow 2000 which dropped in 2021. In the remix version the amazing singer teams up with Beny Jr who did more justice to the already just song.

The new song was officially released alongside its corresponding music video on all streaming platforms including YouTube on the 18th of March 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 Remix Quotable Lyrics

[Intro: Beny Jr & Bad Gyal]
Me dice que me veo cara
En la noche quiere un show mío sin máscara (Oh-oh-oh)
Rompo ese vestido de marca cara
Y sabe que si baja el Beny no e’ a Zara (Yeah; “Flow 2000 Remix”)
¿Dime qué hacer? (Qué hace’)
Quiere, pero ella se hace (Hace)
Baila al ritmo de la base (Base)
Y me eleva pa’ otra fase

[Verso 1: Bad Gyal & Beny Jr]
Conjuntito Emilio Pucci (Ah)
Soy una muñeca, soy un pussy exclusive
Uñas que brillan como el diamante de Lil Uzi (Oh-oh)
Yo no quiero ni Perco ni tussi (Oh)
Yo me fumo uno que se huele hasta en Rusia (Mmm)
Encima una joyería (Oh-oh)
Conmigo no hay tontería (Oh-oh)
Encima una joyería (Oh-oh)
Parezco una joyería (Ohh)

[Estribillo: Bad Gyal & Beny Jr]
F-F-F-Flow 2000 (Thousand)
Yo vestida flow 2000 (Trr; sí)
Flow 2000 (¡Pa!; yeah)
Yo vestida flow 2000 (Eh, ah)
Yo vestida flow 2000 (Eh-eh)
Yo vestida flow 2000 (Yeah-eh)
Yo vestida flow 2000 (Yeah)
Yo vestida flow 2000 (Ah-ah-ah; ey)


  • Song: Flow 2000 Remix
  • Artist: Bad Gyal, Beny Jr
  • Genre: Latin music
  • Duration: 2:48
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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