Lil Tjay – Lavish Freestyle Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Lavish (Freestyle) Full Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Lavish (Freestyle) Full Lyrics
Lil Tjay – Lavish Freestyle Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Lavish Freestyle Lyrics below:

Ayy, Ramsey


Ran it up with my brother, can’t fuck with no other
Know everyone with me go dumb
True to self, I been silent since young
No security needed, they know how we come
Used to play the block with them bums
Now we runnin’ through hundreds for fun
I can never stop, I’m the one
This the start of a forever run
I can’t ever change from the roots
Ain’t too much to change from the start
I got niggas chained to the boots
That’s why I got pain in my heart
Look up, you see gang on the charts
Niggas gettin’ flamed for remarks
We gon’ spin and bang after dark (Grr)
And I ain’t say a thing from the start (Bow, bow, bow)
I’m busy reaching my goals
Speak from the soul
That shit keep bringin’ in rolls
I’m on my way to the top and they tryna stop
So that’s why I keep me a pole
Reason I keep being low
These niggas been hatin’ on me, they don’t want me to grow
Hatin’ niggas, can’t listen to those
I know I’m gon’ finish the mission, for sure
Nineteen, I ain’t average, I’m a savage, livin’ lavish
I stay low-key, it’s a habit
Tryna double up what I established
If I want that, I’ma have it
Lot of new drip, gotta grab it
Know the opps mad, they embarrassed
I stay ballin’ on ’em like a Maverick, no
I’m doing good in my zone
Good on my own
Got no one calling my phone
Sometimes I sit up and stone
Just thinking about it, this gift, it ain’t gon’ never be cloned
I hope I die a legend when I do
I miss them bros in Heaven, it’s a few
Even though I’m progressing, it’s a bruise
So every time we go steppin’, it’s for you
I’m living life on no fair
Top of the tier
I’ll be on top in a year
My vision blocked, Cartier
My diamonds glare
Pop all these bitches, they stare
If you gon’ say you love me, hope you do
Tired of niggas actin’ brand new
Focus and true to self, how I move
Realize a nigga had too much to lose
I ain’t got shit I have to prove
Fuck it, I’m through
Rich, but I’m talkin’ to two
Niggas be hatin’ on me, what you sayin’ to me?
Now Lil 10, I be fuckin’ his boo
I’m just tryna live my life
Niggas on my dick, oh, my
Can’t lift sticks, no lie
‘Cause we up with the shits, my guy
Load up the choppa
It go, “Brackata, brackata, brackata, brackata, bracka”
All we know is woke up, sit on top of
DOA, ain’t no purpose for the doctor
All I know is shit’ll keep knockin’ harder
Niggas stealin’ drip, they in my [?]
I know that they comin’ for my māthā
Still, be with the [mooters?] and the shotters

Ayy, Ramsey

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