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LUCKI – Super Urus

Free Music download [LUCKI – Super Urus]

Free Music download [LUCKI – Super Urus]
LUCKI – Super Urus

Promising American rapper and record producer, LUCKI has hit the industry with a brand new super amazing single titled “Super Urus”.

Lucki Camel Jr., also known as Bossy Simpson, Deadboy or Neptune, is a brilliant American rapper and record producer from the city of Chicago, Illinois. Deadboy gained a widespread prominence in 2013, after being well accepted and recognized for his debut project, Alternative Trap. He has been a very cool and consistent rapper hoping to become mainstream one day, and that day seems not too far.

The new song is a follow up to his December release, Wake Up Lucki which was a very successful piece. Super Urus is named after the new Lamborghini SUV, as The Fader reports. Go check the song out with the download link below.

LUCKI – Super Urus Quotable Lyrics

Okay, okay, ayy, ayy
I’m in a-, uh, ayy
Okay, okay, ayy, ayy

I’m in a Lamb truck, who’s stoppin’ me?
I miss that slut, that’s probably
I slime with the snakes, no opp with me
Hellbound niggas in the car with me
I miss that ho, like honestly
Man, ayy

We did the same shit, so I guess it’s cool
All the best players forgetting the rules
Showing off drugs, we was sneaking in school, ayy
I’m in a Hellcat, who stopping me?
Mother Nature only thing, probably
Keep posting pictures in the car with me
Next thing your boys finna opp with me
On 30’s with 30’s, can’t give it up
Lil’ brodie got the wheel and they hop to me
I’m with my friend so she living it up
It’s the whole world, no stopping me…


  • Song: Super Urus
  • Artist: LUCKI
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Duration: 2:28
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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