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NiziU (니쥬) – ASOBO (English Version) Mp3

Free Music download [NiziU (니쥬) - ASOBO (English Version)]

Free Music download [NiziU (니쥬) - ASOBO (English Version)]
NiziU (니쥬) – ASOBO (English Version) Mp3

Brilliant Japanese-Korean idol girl music group has just delivered fans with a brand new super impressive single, an English Version to their original song which they titled “ASOBO.”

NiziU, is a well known Japanese-Korean idol girl group formed by JYP Entertainment in 2011. They are best known for their dance performances and their signature song “NiziU”. They are also a founding member of the boy group Wanna One, which formed in 2011. The group has received critical acclaim for their music and performances, as well as their collaboration with Korean boy bands Big Bang and Girls’ Generation. They have won a total of nine awards, including “Best New Artist” at the 14th Japan Music Awards in 2014.

The latest English Version arrives just weeks after the original track Asobo was released__on April 11th. They made this version probably due to high demand and request from fans.

The new song was officially released alongside its accompanying music video on all streaming platforms including YouTube on 25th of April 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

NiziU (니쥬) – ASOBO (English Translation) Quotable Lyrics


[Verse 1: Maya, Rio, Ayaka, Mayuka]
At a glance, it’s always work, work, work
They call me “Super girl”
All my friends ask (Hey)
How do you switch between on and off?

[Pre-Chorus: Mako, Riku]
I take a difficult task (Ooh)
And treat it like a game
When I overcome it
I give myself an award
I’ll teach you how (Ah)
You can do it too
Join hands and say this magic word

[Chorus: Nina, Miihi]
Let’s play, eyes meet, switch on
Let’s play in full-fun mode
My heart is throbbing
If you choose it, it’s so


  • Song: ASOBO (English Version)
  • Artist: NiziU (니쥬)
  • Genre: K-POP
  • Duration: 3:22
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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  1. itzy love

    2 years ago

    Good evening. I’m itzy love. I’m always sorry. Thank you for niziu’s mp3. Recently, niziu has released clap clap, so I want you to make clap clap mp3 as well. I’m sorry for being greedy. My current iPad is regulated at school and I can’t listen to music. It was this site that was not regulated, and I was very happy because there was an mp3 of my favorite itzy and niziu. So, I’m greedy, but I look forward to working with you.


  2. obyno2man

    2 years ago

    I will create a page for u and add download link to songs you requested for, ITZY & Niziu (clap clap) by tomorrow. Turn on the push notification. Thank you


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