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Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun – Free World | Mp3

Free Music download [Free World by Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun]

Free Music download [Free World by Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun]
Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun – Free World | Mp3

Canadian rapper, songwriter, and former professional wrestler Tom MacDonald has joined forces with another American rapper Adam Calhoun to release another hit track captioned “Free World”.

Thomas MacDonald is an independent singer who rose to fame last year after releasing his singles “Whiteboy”, “Fake Woke”, “Snowflakes” and “Brainwashed” which all appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021. He has the world right now focused on him with his new album which is his first ever studio album. The title of the album is “The Brave.”

The new song, Free World is part of his latest project which consists of a total of fourteen (14) soundtrack including the previously released singles, Whiteboyz and New World Order. The whole content of the album are so wonderfully made. You can check them out.

It was officially released on the 4th of March 2022. However, the songs were released to limited streaming platforms including Apple music.

Free World by Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun Quotable Lyrics

They keep trying to divide us America looking like communist China
Got us arguing over election results and the boys with vaginas
And the health care system making people so broke they can’t pay those bills
They don’t even care if your sick no more long as you got money you should take those pills
Distracted by system make racism and you can’t convince me that concept is real
That’s propaganda from the left wing news while everyone stands for black people
I don’t vote, I don’t trust in Donald Trump or Sleepy Joe

Took our soldiers out Afghanistan, they’re homeless when they’re home, that ain’t woke
The government claiming In God We Trust but I think that it’s horse shit
Let me take that back, that’s facts, but it’s a different God that they worship
They trying to control us, they trying to force us, we living in hell
If their religion means violence and killing maybe they should start with themselves

What happened to the free world
The land of the brave
But y’all are afraid
What happened to the free world
Used to fight for our sons
Now we hide and we run


  • Song: Free World
  • Artist: Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Duration:
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.

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