Young M.A – Aye Day Pay Day Lyrics

Young M.A – Aye Day Pay Day Lyrics

Young M.A – Aye Day Pay Day Lyrics below:

Aye day pay day


Counting a quarter million
I was a poor civilian
I used to stress about a bitch, now I ignore the feelings
Now I don’t record the feelings (no)
Now I’m gon’ ball for healing (woo)
Now I got money from floor to ceiling
I am for sure resilient (okay)
She give me that brain (ou brain) I am for sure she brilliant (okay)
I put a resort on billin’
This ain’t at all the Hilton (not at all)
And you don’t want more, we ign’ant
And we gon’ resort to killing (uh grrrrrrrt)
Ain’t no superheroes, bitch we all the villains (all the villains)
We fuck all the opinions (fuck all the opinions)
I’m takin’ all the womens (all the womens)
Put on her long Brazilian
Fuck her from wall to window (from wall to window)
The money was callin’ callin’
Had to abort the mission (I know)
Aye day pay day

Just blew a half a brick (okay)
On some new dapper shit (okay)
Brand new Gucci Star (brand new Gucci Star)
Had to go crash the shield (had to go crash the shield)
Champagne in a glass and shit
On some real classy shit (on some real what?)

And we don’t lack for shit
My shoota’s gon’ blast for shit (Uh grrrt)
And she ain’t gotta ask for dick
I fuck her on accident (on accident)
Aye, I like a conceded bitch
She like that I’m arrogant (okay)
Still on that trapper shit
Two blocks in the cabinets (bop bop)
Got a bank account in my mattresses (okay)
So when I fuck my bitch it’s a little more passionate (I love you)

I’m icing her out, she icing me out
Free sack and shit (okay)

Put Tito on a pistol and shot go boom
Straight maxed that shit (boom boom grrrrt)

Aye day pay day
Counting the price of a Lamb (counting the price of a Lamb)
I should go buy me a Lamb (I should go buy me a Lamb)
When imma flip this, if I’m gon’ spend this
Imma go buy me some land (gonna go buy me some land)
Oh, you a stand up guy? (what)
Well, pussy, you can die where you stand! (bop bop)
Better think twice lil’ man
Ain’t talk this big lil’ ice my man (this big ice)
Oh you Can’t afford this? (No)
This rich price lil’ man (this rich price)

She shakin’ her ass like dice in her hands (shake that ass, shake that ass)
Her nigga pulled up to the club, now she outside fighting her man (damn)
Now I feel bad ’cause I was really planning on piping her, damn (damn)
We know these hoes is loose, they be all taped up, man (they be all taped up)
O.G got me fried, feel like my mind in a pan (whoosh)
Counting this guap in my hand
Tellin’ my guys we gotta expand (oouu)

It’s aye day pay day (aye)
(Okay okay okay okay okay)
Aye day pay day
Aye day pay day
(Okay okay okay okay okay)

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