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Baby Hot, NLE Choppa – ScatPacc | Mp3

Free Music download [Baby Hot, NLE Choppa - ScatPacc]

Free Music download [Baby Hot, NLE Choppa - ScatPacc]
Baby Hot, NLE Choppa – ScatPacc | Mp3

Young promising rapper and songwriter, Baby Hot has joined forces together with another American rap star, NLE Choppa to deliver a wonderfully made hit jam which they titled “ScatPacc”

Baby Hot is a brilliant and promising rapper who is well known for his singles; Going Straight In, Spin The Block, No Safety and lots more. He is a hard woking musician and teaming up with Choppa is a good idea as it will give him a serious boost. On the other hand, Bryson Lashun Potts, popularly known as Choppa, is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who rose to fame with his 2019 single “Shotta Flow” and thereafter has continued to deliver good music.

On the new song, the two collaborators rap about the incidents of terror happening in United States of America when so many had run away even when they have a gun victim standing in their front. They would rather call 911 or ask someone to do so than stand a chance to be a hero that could see their end as well.

Finally, the new song was officially released alongside its corresponding music video on all streaming platforms including YouTube on the 18th of March 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Baby Hot, NLE Choppa – ScatPacc Quotable Lyrics

[Intro: Baby Hot]
People who live in the South Memphis neighborhood didn’t want to go on camera to say last night they heard several gunshots
And then one of the shooting victims on this front porch yellin’ for someone to call 911
Now those who know the victims are looking for answers
(Ayo Lewi, turn that shit up)
(No way Hozay)
Big Hot

[Chorus: Baby Hot]
I hit the block in a motherfuckin’ Scat Pack (Skrrt)
392 and you know the bitch matte black
Hunnid some shots, bitch, you know that I ain’t lackin’ (Uh-uh)
Might pull the Drac’ out my motherfuckin’ backpack
Flew out to Cali’, we missin’ the action
They sent a few shots and he couldn’t even clap back
Nigga just need to cool down, but they cappin’
Before Lil Nine gеt put on the snapback
Switch on the Glock, had to add me a fifty (A fifty)
Grip on thе AR, it came with some titties
You say you want smoke, nigga, come get it with me
I drop, spin the block, now they hatin’ my city
Internet niggas got me in they mentions
I fuck all these hoes, put a bitch in her feelin’
I ain’t got the ruler, let the chopper get in him
Stay back with the Glock, he got hit from a distance

[Verse 1: Baby Hot]
Runnin’ these spot with the MAC-10
And you know I ain’t doing no lackin’ (Uh-uh)
Drac’ to his face , leave ’em flat like a pack
Twin choppers on me when I’m ready for static
I’m off the drug, I ain’t doin’ no Adam
My uncle, big crip, so you know I’m with crackin’
I dumped the Glock so no one know what happen
Got forty-one shots let me xan like Maverick
Lost of a few niggas but money adding


  • Song: ScatPacc
  • Artist: Baby Hot, NLE Choppa
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Duration: 3:47
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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