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Henry Lamar Hornsby Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Henry Lamar Hornsby Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Henry Lamar Hornsby is a well-known American youngster and internet personality, famous for being the son of the renowned actor, David Alan Hornsby. Born on September 21, 2011, in the United States, Henry has garnered attention due to his famous parents and their successful careers in the entertainment industry. This blog post provides an insight into the life of Henry Lamar Hornsby, his family background, early life, and current status.

Henry Lamar Early Life and Family:

Henry Lamar Hornsby was born on September 21st, 2011, under the zodiac sign of Virgo. His parents are David Hornsby and Emily Deschanel. Emily, an accomplished American actress, is best known for her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan in the television series Bones. David, on the other hand, is an actor and screenwriter hailing from Newport News, Virginia. Henry also has a younger brother named Clavin Hornsby.

Growing up, Henry attended a private primary school, although the specific name of the institution has not been disclosed publicly.

Henry Lamar Career and Net Worth:

At the tender age of 10, Henry Lamar Hornsby is still enjoying his formative years in school and has not yet chosen a career path. As of now, he hasn’t been involved in any occupation. Meanwhile, his father, David Hornsby, has portrayed the character of Matthew “Tickety Cricket” Mara in the comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

It’s worth noting that Henry’s mother, Emily Deschanel, began her acting career in 1994 with the movie “It Could Happen to You,” and her father also has a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Despite his young age, Henry has already accumulated a net worth of around $3 million, thanks to his status as a celebrity kid and his family’s success.

Henry Lamar Personal Life:

Henry Lamar Hornsby’s parents, David Hornsby and Emily Deschanel, have been happily married for a long time. They exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacific Palisades on September 25, 2010. The couple welcomed Henry into the world the following year and later had their second child, Clavin, four years later.


Henry Lamar Hornsby, the young American celebrity kid, has gained significant attention due to his famous parents, David Hornsby and Emily Deschanel. While he is currently enjoying his school years and has yet to choose a career, he has already amassed a considerable net worth. With his supportive family and their successful careers, Henry’s future looks promising as he continues to grow and make his mark in the world.

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