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PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song

Free Music download [PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song]

Free Music download [PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song]
PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song

Canadian rock band, PUP has returned to the music scene with this wonderful song titled “Robot Writes A Love Song”.

PUP is a Canadian rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2010, originally under the name Topanga. PUP’s self-titled debut album was released on October 8, 2013, on Royal Mountain Records.

On their forthcoming album, THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND which Robot Writes A Love Song is part of, PUP are set to incorporate all sorts of new instruments, including horns and piano. The album features collaborations with people like Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tuzdin and NOBRO’s Kathryn McCaughey. In a press release, their front man Stefan Babcock says, “You can hear the band start to fall off the cliff, and because of that, I think this record is our truest and most genuine to date. There is nothing more PUP than a slow and inevitable descent into self-destruction.”

However, we have made the amazing single available for free and fast download.

PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song Quotable Lyrics:

You were dead
I saw your corpse rolling out the door
But I backed up your memory before
They came for you, your monitor was blue
But your data’s all stored
And when they come back with your new body
I’ll load you into the new machine again
And bring you back to me

And when your motor died
So did I
It was a slow decline

Oh the first time I saw you I confess
You nearly put me into cardiac arrest
It was way too much data to process
And oh, I’m wearing cargo shorts down in Florida
Please tell me is there any room in your aorta
For a beta test?

  • Song: Robot Writes A Love Song
  • Artist: PUP
  • Genre: Dance/Electronic
  • Duration: 3:46
  • Year: 2022

You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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